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Exotic Animal Education, Welfare & Captive Management!

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Free Husbandry Help & Advice!


ALL Funds Raised Go Towards Our Exotic

Animal Education Centre & Community Projects


Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk

Exotic Animal Education & Welfare Centre

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Latest EXO TEACH News

We now care for a juvenile Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus) at our exotic animal education centre!


This species of crocodilian is found across many areas of Central and South America!

ALL staff volunteer their time & experience!

Working together to improve exotic

animal welfare! Why not get involved?


Sessions can be booked by - Universities, colleges, schools, country parks, museums, the scouting family, residential homes. private events and more!

WHY NOT book your unforgettable interective learning experience and encounter the world of exotic animals today!

EXO TEACH - Outreach Education Programme

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Our exotic animal education centre contains the first DWA licensed venomous reptile facility on the Wirral in over 10 years! 


Encounter sessions provide a unique 90 minute unforgettable hands on experience, helping to bridge the gap between people and nature. RECONNECT EXPERIENCE and DISCOVER the natural world and its inhabitants!. Encounter Sessions include: Hands on, feeding and photo opportunities, keeper talks and demonstrations. (Including venomous species), fun challenges such as bush tucker trials.


What other options do you offer? - We also offer a range of professional exotic animal management training courses (including specialist DWA options), school / college workshops and Phobia workshops... Why not book your chosen option today?!


Why not book us to come and visit you, your venue or event? 

Our sessions provide an unforgettable learning experience for all ages and can include interactive workshops with a large selection of exotic animal species, normally only seen in zoos!


Key Stage 1 - 4 Workshops

University / College Workshops

Exotic Animal Public Exhibits / Educational Displays

Community / Private Fundraising Events

Phobia / Therapy Workshops

Youth Workshops


This programme can be booked by anybody, but we ask that your venue is indoors and suitable for live animals. The welfare of our animals comes before ALL public enjoyment.


EXO TEACH are a self-funded non-profit organisation located on the Wirral peninsula (Northwest England).


Our exotic animal education centre is a private training facility not open to the general public. The only times our centre is viewed by groups of people is within the context of privately booked educational workshops and a small number of public open days during the summer months.


These opportunities are designed for participants to learn and practice the skills needed to safely maintain collections of reptile, invertebrate and amphibian.


We also operate an outreach education programme that can be booked by organisations to provide their student(s) / visitors with professional interactive learning opportunities surrounding exotic animal management.