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Exotic Animal Education, Welfare & Captive Management!

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Free Husbandry Help & Advice!


Community / Private Fundraising Events  


Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk

Community / Private Fundraising Event Prices:

All Include Hands On Encounters - Day Rate 6 Hours


Hourly Rate £30 -  Day Rate £150


Please Note - This is a discounted price for fundraising events ONLY!


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RECONNECT, EXPERIENCE and DISCOVER the natural world and its inhabitants whilst learning about the world of exotic animals up close and personal!


Dare you book us to attend your fundraising event? Our unforgettable interactive experience is suitable for all ages and will be THE activity everybody is talking about!


Most organisations who book this option then charge their visitors a small entrance fee into our room / area inorder to take part in our activities. This is an ideal method to reclaim our event fee, as well as generating further funds towards the events cause.



Would  You Take Part In One Of Our Hands On Encounters If You Seen Us?!



Species that we can bring along wth us include - Reticulated pythons, bosc monitors,, sulcata tortoise, salmon pink bird=eating tarantulas, forest scorpions, hissing cockroaches, giant african millipedes,  horned frogs, and our Tanuki!


How do we exhibit our animals - Our exotic animal display exhibits a variety of exotic animal species housed in Exo Terra glass terrariums. All enclosures are accompanied by educational signs that allows participants to read and learn about the individual species, along with general knowledge surrounding exotic animal husbandry and worldwide conservation projects, This static display allows us to bring a selection of specialist species that are not suitable for hands on encounters. It also allows visitors who do not want to participate in any hands on encounters, a fantastic opportunity to still get up close and personal with a range of exotic animals whilst they stay locked inside their enclosures.


We also bring another selection of animals that are used for hands on encounters.

These animals are not on display and are housed in RUBs whilst attending events. All hands on encounters are carried out by experienced instructors who have all achieved animal management qualifications, this makes exhibits the perfect opportunity for animal enthusiasts to receive captive care advice, career guidance and information surrouding our volunteer / training opportunities.



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