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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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FREE Exotic Animal Consultancy Service


 EXO TEACH Ltd Registered England & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

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EXO TEACH offers an exotic animal consultancy service that allows you to benefit from our knowledge setting up, evaluating and diagnosing exotic animal enclosures as well as our experience working with an extensive range of species.


With so much different equipment available and new methods of keeping exotic animals we are always learning and adapting to suite the market. With all these possibilities open to you it is so important to plan how you intend to set up you animal enclosures whether it be a single enclosure or a complete system and get them working right from the very start.


Our advice and experience are FREE to anyone who contacts us via email, telephone, or while at one of our outreach education events. But sometimes talking over the phone or via email doesn’t work and we need to inspect the problem in person in order to give you the best possible help and advice. This is where our exotic animal consultancy service comes in, where we will do our very best to help you through your problems. Whatever exotic animals you keep we can:



* Design / plan new reptile, invertebrate and amphibian enclosures / displays

so that they work correctly the first time.


* Design protocols, collection plans and record systems.


* Evaluate current enclosures and displays, provide a diagnosis and build

a plan of action to resolve any issues.



If we can't help and advise you via email, telephone, or while at one of our events then we can arrange a visit to your premises.



Hourly Rate - £30 per hour     |     Day Rate - £100 (6 Hours)



Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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