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Exotic Animal Education, Welfare & Captive Management!

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How To Book Your Event  - (Outreach Education Program)

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EXO TEACH Outreach Education Program  (Public / Private Events & Activities)


Booking EXO TEACH provides a very unique and interesting approach to learning about exotic animals, through various talks, activities and practical workshops.


Events and activities provide a unforgettable and interactive experience including hands on opportunities with a wide range of exotic animals including reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and exotic mammals.


Our outreach education program can be booked by ANYBODY including schools, youth groups, community groups, universities, private organisations, families etc.


EXO TEACH exhibit animals housed in specialist Exo Terra terrariums, fitted with both heating, lighting equipment and water bowls. If you have any questions please check our FAQs page or feel free to contact us!



How to Book Your Event



To book Exo Teach for your event, please call our phone line, email us or message our Facebook page with your event details.


Some events may require a 50% deposit to secure the event date.


Please contact us to check the availability of your date. Event information needed will include the event type, date, location, and times.



Further Information



All our keepers have received training, hold animal management qualifications and have previously worked at other establishments within the animal industry. All talks, power-point presentations and educational workshops are carried out by keepers who have achieved their PTLLS teaching qualification.


This allows workshops and activities for education establishments to be tailor made to correspond and relate to work schemes such as key stage 2 - 3, GCSE and BTEC.


DBS checks, risk assessments & public liability insurance are all available on request.



Please note that we will require a minimum of 2 tables & 1 power souce for all events!

Also please read over our terms & conditions and frequently asked questions page before you book any activities or visits.



We will match any like for like quote!   /   20% off day rates for registered charities!




Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk

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