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Exotic Animal Education, Welfare & Captive Management!

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Free Husbandry Help & Advice!

Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 08505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk


FREE Captive Management Training For ALL EXO TEACH Members!

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EXO TECAH Member Evenings

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We offer a three hour training workshop held on the first Wednesday of each month, free for all our members to attend.


This is an excellent opportunity for all our members to meet and discuss related topics, as well as learn new information and practice practical skills. All training sessions are held at our exotic animal education centre (Wirral).


Our Training Sessions Include:

Practical Tasks (captive management)


Theory activities (welfare,

husbandry and conservation)  


Opportunities to practice group work, delivering short talks and public speaking



Training Session Time & Dates



Our training sessions are held between:


7.00pm and 10.00pm


March - 01.03.17

April - 05.04.17

May - 03.05.17

June - 07.06.17

July - 05,07.17

August - 02.08.17

September - 06.09.17




The Exo Teach membership scheme is used by animal enthusiasts who wish to join our volunteer program or take part in our free training sessions.


Memberships can also be used as a donation towards our organisations work, as well as providing benefits such as a free entry into all Exo Teach community events and activities.  



EXO TEACH Membership


Annual  Membership  - £20



Our Membership Includes:


Volunteer opportunities at our exotic animal education centre. (16+)


Encounter session discount at our education centre - £5.00 entry,


Free entry into all Exo Teach member training sessions and community outreach education events.


20% off all day rates while booking

an outreach education event,


Regular Exo Teach updates on upcoming events & projects.

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