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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Academic Practical Workshops For Education Establishments

EXO TEACH Ltd Registered England & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk


We welcome small groups of students from schools. colleges and universities to

participate in educational workshops specialising in exotic animal management!


Workshops provide an interesting and unusual practical learning experience for students of all ages and can include both written and practical tasks, dependent on your requierments. Students will learn about topics including:


Exotic Animal Enclosure Design

Exotic Animal Nutrition

Exotic Animal Behaviour

Handling & Restraint Techniques / Health Check Procedures

Animal Welfare and Legislation

Food Chains and Ecosystems


Our education centre contains one classroom area, which is equipped with a monitor, 10 chairs and a selection of whiteboards and clipboards. We also have various resources such as written activities, quizzes and USB microscopes.  


All our instructors have gained animal management qualifications and have previously worked at other establishments within the animal industry. All workshops are carried out by instructors who have achieved a teaching qualification. This allows workshops and tasks to be tailor-made to correspond with work schemes for qualifications including Key Stage 2 - 4, BTEC and degrees.


2-Hour Practical Workshop


1 - 5 Participants


BTEC / A Level / Degree - £10.00 Each

Key Stage 1 - 2 / GCSE - £10.00 Each

Teachers / Support Staff- £5.00 Each

2 Hour Practical Workshop


6 - 10 Participants


BTEC / A Level / Degree - £8.00 Each

Key Stage 1 - 2 / GCSE - £8.00 Each

Teachers / Support Staff- £5.00 Each


Academic workshops can be designed to meet your requirements / scheme of work.


All participants receive a FREE EXO TEACH membership on arrival!


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