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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Stage 2 - Exotic Animal Captive Management Course


EXO TEACH Ltd Registered England & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

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Exotic Animal Welfare & Captive Management


Stage 1  (3 Hours) - £150


Stage 2 (6 Hours) - £250

Our Stage 2 Exotic Animal Captive Management is an advanced course that is primarily aimed for individuals (or groups) who want to undertake an animal management or biological science qualification or career. This course also provides many opportunities to practice the practical skills that are required to remain safe whilst working within the exotic animal industry, at establishments such as a zoological collection, pet shops, colleges or rescue centres.


Stage 2 includes 2x PowerPoint presentations, 8x practical tasks, 1x verbal assessment and 3 x practical assessments. Stage 1 does not need to be completed to complete S2.


This option includes completing practical tasks with species of reptile amphibian and invertebrate that can potentially bite, sting and pinch. Participants must always follow the guidance of their instructor to assure their own safety. All practical tasks will first include a series of demonstrations and talks explaining the task in detail. PPE (steal toe caped boots & jeans) must be worn at all times. Taking photographs is permitted, but we ask that no filming takes place during any training courses.


During the early units the participants capability will first be determined with the use of a selection safe animals. advanced species will then be selected and allocated to the training session based on skill level. EXO TEACH does not hold ANY responsibility for any animal related injuries to any participants. Participants must agree to work with these species of animal at their own risk. A disclaimer document must be signed by all participants before any training activities can begin.






Stage 2 Exotic Animal Captive Management Course Breakdown:


Exotic Animal Captive Care Requirements & Welfare – (20-minute PowerPoint)

Exotic Animal Behaviour – (20-minute practical workshop)

Exotic Animal Enclosure Design – (30-minute practical workshop)

Refreshment Break - 10 minutes

Exotic Animal Conservation & Legislation - (30-minute PowerPoint)

Exotic Animal Nutrition / Food Storage (2) – (30-minute practical workshop)

Exotic Animal Gender Identification– (15-minute practical demonstration / task)

Maintaining Record Systems – (15-minute practical workshop)

Refreshment Break - 10 minutes

Exotic Animal Handling & Restraint Techniques (2) – (1-hour practical workshop)

Exotic Animal Transportation Requirements - (20-minute practical workshop)

Common Health Problems / Health Check Procedures – (30-minute practical workshop)

Verbal Assessment – 10 minutes

Practical Assessment – 10 minutes

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Participants receive an EXO TEACH membership and are awarded with a

certificate of achievement stating the topics covered upon completion!

Course Duration - 5 Hours | Course Cost - £250


Your training course will only include the people that you book onto the session.

Training courses can be booked on all evenings, weekends and school holidays!

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