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Exotic Animal Therapy Sessions


Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk

Animal therapy is a natural holistic treatment that is used as an occupational therapy tool within psychology. Our sessions can be used to help reduce anxiety and blood pressure, aswell as improve and build on self confidence and communication skills for all ages.


The interaction and relationship between people and animals has also been shown to reduce stress and promote well being. It can also increase socialisation, improve self esteem & confidence, promote quality of life and encourage nurturance & responsibility.


When animal assisted therapy is used with people in the autistic spectrum, these people demonstrate fewer stereotyped behaviours and increased socially appropriate behaviours.


Animal therapy can help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease recall past events, especially those involving animals. Cognitive abilities are specifically affected in these patients, which is why the animal is beneficial. It stimulates the patient on an emotional level, where he feels most at ease. The animal provides stimulation; this captures the person’s attention and maintains his contact with reality. The soft presence of the animal places the patient in a calming and soothing state of mind, which is very important for people with a tendency to react aggressively. the animal allows a patient to be stimulated emotionally.


What do our therapy sessions involve? - Our exotic animal therapy sessions are an rewarding interactive learning experience, each lasting for 1 hour. Sessions are carried out by our experienced animal instructors who will offer motivation and reassurance.



Mental Health Services

Hospitals / Hospices

Care Homes

Learning Support Establishments

Fostering Organisations

Neuro/Physical Rehab Services


Community Invisible Illness Group

Animal Therapy Workshop Prices:

creepy_vine_png_by_fotoshopic-d7z8wcd 13173639_967005140084367_680170351398409896_n

1 Hour group therapy

session held at the organisations meeting venue  - £50


2 hour group therapy session

held at the organsaitions

meeting venue - £80


1 Hour therapy session

at your own home - £50


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