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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Venomous Reptile Risk Analysis, Behaviour & Handling Techniques


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This training course includes practical tasks designed to give participants an introduction into the knowledge and skills required to remain safe whilst working with a selection of category 1 reptile species, including venomous species of snake.


This course emphasises on the handling techniques needed to remain safe whilst working with a selection of venomous reptile species. Tasks have also been designed to give participants opportunities to evaluate a range of risks and observe a range of different behaviours. Tasks also allow participants the opportunity use a range of handling equipment and learn about their use. This course is suitable for anybody looking to conduct field work, however, we can not emphasize enough that wild specimens may behave differently to captive specimens.


This course is a high-risk training opportunity which includes completing practical tasks with species of reptile whose bite can potentially cause death and severe disfigurement. Participants must be over 18 years old and follow the guidance of their instructor to assure their own safety. All practical tasks will first include a series of demonstrations to explain and demonstrate the task in detail.


PPE (steal toe caped boots and jeans) must be worn at all times. We ask that all photographs are taken by EXO TEACH instructors and that no filming is to take place throughout the course. Each participant's capability will first be assessed by tasks that include a selection of catogry 3 species. Catogory 1 species will then be allocated to tasks dependent on the participant's skill level and knowledge.


EXO TEACH does not hold ANY responsibility for any animal related injuries to any participants. Participants must agree to work with these species of animal at their own risk. A disclaimer document must be signed by all participants before any  training activities can begin. We do not recommend anyone with any serious health problems to participate in this training course.



All participants receive a free EXO TEACH membership on arrival.

A certificate of achievement is issued after the course has been completed.




Venomous Reptile Risk Analysis, Behaviour & Handling Techniques Breakdown:


Course Introduction / Education Centre Tour - (20-minutes)

Associated Risks, Bite Information and Bite Protocol - (30-minute theory)

Introduction into Reptile Handling & Restraint Equipment – (30-minute theory and practical)

Understanding Reptile Defensive Behaviours – (30-minute theory and practical)


Refreshment Break – (10 minutes)


Venomous Reptile Handling & Restraint Techniques - (180-minute practical)




Course Cost - 1 Participant £250 | 2 Participants £400 | 3 Participants £500


Course Duration - 5-Hours


Please note - our extension workshops are only available after completing the  Venomous Reptile Risk Analysis, Behaviour & Handling Techniques Course.


All training courses are a private session, therefore will only include the

participants you book onto the course, along with two EXO TEACH instructors.


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