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Exotic Animal Education, Welfare & Captive Management!

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Free Husbandry Help & Advice!

Exo Teach Ltd Registed Englands & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

Email - info@exoteach.co.uk


Why Not Join The EXO TEACH Volunteer Scheme Today?

EXO TEACH Volunteer Scheme


Gaining industry experience is vital to progress with personal development and career opportunities within the animal management sector.


Our volunteer scheme offers a limited number of placements which allow individuals the opportunity to gain practical skills working within a professional facility completing tasks with a wide range of reptile, amphibian an invertebrate species that are normally only seen in zoological collections.


This scheme is held on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our education centre between 19.00 - 21.30. Volunteers are asked to attend one evening a week.


Activities Include - Spot / full enclosure cleans, feeding, water changes, record keeping and completing health checks.


Volunteers can also join our team whilst they deliver educational events, booked though our outreach education programme. This offers opportunities to build on public speaking and event management skills.


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How Do I Become A Volunteer?



We ask everybody who is interested in becoming a volunteer to contact us, You will then be asked to attend an informal interview at our education centre.


All volunteers must be aged 16+ and require a full EXO TEACH membership. We ask that all volunteers purchase an EXO TEACH T-Shirt. and wear sturdy footwear.


This scheme is unfortunately subject to a limited number of spaces.

Why Not Join

Our Team Today

And Become An

EXO TEACH Member!?

Unparalleled Training Opportunities!


Learn how to complete advanced practical tasks such as health checking a spectacled  caiman feeding a green anaconda and cleaning a salmon pink tarantulas enclosures.

Who Is Eligible To Volunteer?

Our volunteer scheme is open to all members who are currently or have previously studied an animal management / science related college or universality qualification.


Alternatively, if the individual hasn’t studied any academic qualifications in the above subjects, completion of one of our stage 1 training course also allows access onto our volunteer program.  


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!